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Do you know why kanji are called ideographs?

Japanese kanji symbols are ideographs


The unique way of writing words in Japanese

example kanjiIn the world language, Japanese kanji writing is very unique writing sysytem. Unlike other languages that sees as a letter, we, Japanese people, see kanji characters as a picture.

That is why kanji symbols are ideographs, which means that each kanji symbol represents a whole object or idea.

Originally, kanji were written as pictures of world which the ancient Chinese saw around them. Historically, these pictures were gradually transformed into regular shapes with tules about how to write them correctly.


Watch the video to see how "Sun" and "Tree" kanji are developed.

For example, Takanori Tomita will show you how "tree" and "sun" kanji symbols are developed.

By watching the video above, you should be able to work out for yourself the meaings of kanji symbols by linking them to pictures of objects they represent.

Yet, there are many types of kanji symbols exist.

It is really complicated. Thus, we will explain about kanji step by step. First of all, you need to be aware that kanji symbols are ideographs.



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