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Watch the following video to understand how we normally translate English name into Japanese symbols. Also, read the explanation underneath as well.

What's the best way to translate English name into kanji symbols?
Although it is common to use the Katakana script to write foreigner's name in Japanese, we can still render names phonetically, making use of the katakana, hiragana and even kanji.

Let us tell you the system of how we translate names in Kanji.

Many Japanese people use the kana transcription which is the standard method of writing English names in Japanese script.
However, there are more transcription that not many Japanese people know.

Normally, if you ask a Japanese person to write your names in Japanese kanji,
they would usually the purely phonetic transcription.
This method simply combines characters whose sounds approximate the English name being rendered into Japanese. Since meaning is irrelevant in this category of transription, enterprising readers may wish to try producing identically pronounced kanji.

We use the phonetic and eulogistic transcription.

What is Japanese phonetic and eulogistic transcription?

Japanese phonetic and eulogistic transcription is the method our translators use to translate English names into Japanese symbols. This method translate names phonetically, but that's got it all: sound and meaning, too.

As you might imagine, few appropriate choices are left by the narrow constraints imposed by using both sound and meaning as criteria for picking kanji symbol.

This translation system retain the phonetic aspect of the English name, while using kanji that speak pleasantly of the person himself: they may depic images of wisdom, power, wealth and so on . . .

While generally irrelevant to the original meaning of an English name, they may on the other hand convey provide a measure of elan that the original name lacks.

Therefore, basically, we can write any names in Japanese.
But, because it is possible for many different kanji to have the same sound,
each name can have a variety of possible kanji combination.



For example, let us translate English name, Tom into Japanese kanji symbols.
Tom can be written


The pronunciation becomes To Mu, which the meaning is "Fighting Samurai" in Japanese.


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