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The J-Way trend of Japanese kanji tattoo

The J-Way trend of Japanese kanji tattoo


Who would have ever thought that the land that created Monkey Magic would have genuine, popular, cool appeal? Lost in Translation fascinated us, The Ring scared the living daylights out of us, and The Last Samurai showed us that Tom Cruise could just about be one of them. Could it be that in the eighties The Vapors were singing the truth? Are we turning Japanese?

Some Japanese trends have been fleeting, but it seems that some kind of Japanese style is always in vogue. Tamaguchi dropped in and out of fashion in the blink of an eye, but now Gwen Stefani is singing about eHarajuku girlsf. It seems that you canft go wrong following the Japanese trend. Or can you?

Many of us know people who have made permanent statements about going the J-way. You know the people, sporting elaborate and exotic Japanese characters signifying everything from courage to cry baby. Most people intend these tattoos to bring them luck, but scarily, quite the opposite can happen. The problem is that, like the movie, it is likely your deep and meaningful message has been lost in translation. Think about it, Sexy Beast translates to attractive animal, Big Daddy to Large Father. Not quite the intended statementc

Takanori Tomita, owner of DSFY.com - DeSign For You ? Japanese Symbolsa, a site specialising in Japanese Symbols Tattoo design, says that being lost in translation is a common problem.
gPeople ask for the strangest things. Foreigners laugh at the Japlish (Japanese English) on our t-shirts but these people are putting really weird stuff on their bodiescpermanently!h
And even worse, many of these tattoos intended to bring luck are seen by the Japanese as downright unlucky.
gThe stroke order of the kanji is really important; one stroke in the wrong direction can change the whole meaning.h
gSome families even pay thousands of dollars to change their names to include luckier kanji ? the number of strokes is really important.h
gIn some cases, you see tattoo artists who have no idea about kanji add extra strokes and then call it eartistic licencefh he says. gThis can only mean one thing in superstitious Japan - bad luck!h

So jumping on the J-wagon is not as easy as it seemsc

Best check that your permanent cool is not permanent fool


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