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Japanese names translated with the original English name

Japanese names translated with the original English name


Can we translate English name with the meaning?

The key to successfully rendering an English name into Japanese script is deciding what we want to achieve.

For example, many people will want kanji symbols that retain both the pronunciation and the original meaning of their name.

Others may not care so about meaning, so long as the pronunciation is retained.

Denotative transcription is the method which focuses solely on preserving the meaning of the original English name. Thus, it is necessary to know the original meaning of the English name beforehand.

In this case, we use the kanji symbol to write name.

Although we can use this method to write English name into Japanese symbols, this is very rare case. Because the majority of Japanese people write names phonetically even with the meaning. We don't translate names like the way English name is translated.



For example, let us show you how we write Edward whose the original meaning of its name is "rich guardian.

Edward in kanji

In this case, we pick up the kanji symbols of "Rich" and "Guardian", and it is pronounced as Fuyu hogosha in Japanese.
The first two symbols mean rich and the last three represent guardian in Japanese.

But, as we said, this is very rare case, and we don't recommend this method for the translation of English name, as Japanese people would not recoginise this is your name.



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