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Writing names by using kana transcription

Writing names by using kana transcription


You can watch the video below to understand what sort of Japanese name translation is.
Takanori Tomita is explaining this method in English.

What script do we use to write name with the Kana transcription?

The roles and forms of kanji and kana have changed throughout the centuries. In contemporary times, Katakana are used to mainly for foreign words and to emphasize native words, serving a role similar to that played by italics in English.

With kana transcription, we normally use katakana symbol to write names in Japanese. This is the simplest method for writing English words in Japanese symbols, and is especially useful for newcomers to Japan or new Japanese language students.

Of course, you can also use hiragana symbol as well, but that is a rare case.


For example, writing English name, Tom into Japanese symbols by using the kana transcription is as follows.

Tom in katakana symbols

The pronunciation becomes To Mu.
Two Japanese symbols are written in katakana scripts.


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