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Japanese katakana and hiragana symbols

Katakana and Hiragana


What is Katakana and Hiragana?

One of the most easy writing script is Hiragana. Hiragana symbol is more rounded than other Japanese scripts. This Japanese script is normally utlized to write the grammatical parts of sentence and support kanji symbols.

On the other hand, katakana symbol is more angular and sharpe. The use of this script is for writing non-Japanese words and foreign names.
Therefore, you katakana scripts are not used as often as kanji or hiragana symbol.


Writing "family" in hiragana and "TV" in katakana

Watch the video to see how "family" is written in hiragana, and "TV" in katakana. You will see the difference in the shape, the way of writing and how it is written. Takanori Tomita is going to write each symbols slowly.



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