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Choose 3 font style from the following 30 list:

Please choose 3 font styles and write them into this box:

(e.g. Style 7, Style 8 and Style 24)

Kanji Style 1Kanji Style 2
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Kanji Style 5Kanji Style 6
Kanji Style 7Kanji Style 8
Kanji Style 9Kanji Style 10
Kanji Style 11Kanji Style 12
Kanji Style 13Kanji Style 14
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Kanji Style 16
Kanji Style 17Kanji Style 18
Kanji Style 19
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Kanji Style 21Kanji Style 22
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Kanji Style 28
Kanji Style 29Kanji Style 30
Enter 3 words/a phrase to be translated: 

Please write 3 words/a phrase to be translated into this box:

(e.g: Bushido, Samurai, and Honor) OR (e.g. Life in every breath)

* NOTE: Translation of phrase or sentence with KANJI
e.g. "The weather is hot during the summer"
Japanese kanji is not appropriate for a long sentence. So, If you would like me to translate a phrase, I need to use the combination of hiragana and kanji. Hiragana is more cursive Japanese character.

With a phrase, please put quotation marks around it like this "xxxxxxxxxxx".


Please write briefly Why you choose these words.

In order to translate it properly, I need to know exactly what you want to say by using these words, as there are many ways to write a same word in Kanji.

Please write the reason into this box:

(E.g. Because I provide skin care service, I would like to know how to write "Skin" and "Care")
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There are customer who enter wrong email address or email address that is inactive, we cannot deliver Japanese symbols.

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NOTE: If you would like to order more than 3 words, go back to the step 1 [Choose 3 font style from the 30 list] and follow the same steps again after you press the 'add to cart' button.
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