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Hello, Kon Chi Wa.

My name is Takanori Tomita.

Many people use the WRONG Japanese symbols unknowingly, especially for their unique design.

So, that's why I am here to help you to translate your English words or name into 100% accurate Japanese kanji katakana or hiragana symbols which says exactly what you want them to say.

I'll PREVENT you from using the WRONG Japanese symbols for your logo, jewelry or tattoo design.


English To Japanese writing translation

English to Japanese Kanji symbols

Japanese Kanji TranslationKanji is the most popular Japanese symbol. If you want to Get 100% accurate Kanji symbols, please ask our Japanese Kanji translator, Takanori Tomita.
Highly RecommendedRecommendedJapanese Kanji Translation

English to Japanese Name symbols

Japanese nameIf you want to convert your English name to Japanese name symbols, ask our Japanese name translator and see how your English names can be written in Japanese.
RecommendedJapanese Name Translation

English to Japanese Katakana symbols

Katakana converterKatakana alphabet is more angular, and is used for writing non-japanese words, such as loan words from western culture and foreign names. Here's English to Japanese katakana converter service >> Katakana symbols Translation

English to Japanese Hiragana symbols

Hiragana TranslationHiragana alphabet is rounded in shape. Hiragana is often used to write the grammatical parts of words and sentences when kanji cannot be used. Here's English to Japanese hiragana converter service >> Hiragana symbols Translation



special design service

Special Japanese kanji symbols

Kanji Color Design and TranslationWould you like us to translate your English words into Japanese symbols and design with your favorite color?
Our Japanese symbols translation with color design is a unique design service for your tattoo design!
>> Check out our English to Japanese symbols with color design

Japanese Zodiac kanji symbols

zodiac signsWould you like us to translate your zodiac symbols into Japanese kanji symbols?
Then, please check out our Japanese Zodiac symbols

Japanese family crest Kamon

Japanese family crest KamaonDo you know "Kamon"? Kamon is a Japanese family crest. With this unique tattoo design service, we can design your kamon with your Japanese family crest design


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Kanji symbols Dictionary

Kanji Dictionary30 Japanese Kanji symbols with 4 different Japanese Calligraphy and Stencil Fonts.

All the characters are based on the the way of SAMURAI concepts.
>> Check out the Samurai kanji symbols dictionary

Japanese phrases

Japanese Phrase EbookContains the historical Japanese phrase, "Yoji Jyuku Go", written using only four kanji symbols, along with other famous Japanese sayings.

>>Check out this ebooks!(Sold Out)