Your Japanese kanji symbols will be designed with 2 different calligraphy fonts and 2 different colors for your tattoo design!

Kanji symbol in readKanji symbol in blue

sample kanjisample kanji symbols


You'll receive both vertical and horizontal images with a variety of Japanese Calligraphy fonts and Color design within 48 hours!!

Takanori Tomita

Takanori Tomita, native speaker of Japanese and fluent speaker and writer of English, translate your word into Japanese symbols with 2 different calligraphy fonts and 2 different color design.

And, you will receive them within 48 hours.

FAST and ACCURATE is guaranteed!


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Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Takanori Tomita.

I am a Japanese Translator, but specializing in translating and designing Japanese symbols.

Now, If you want to get Japanese symbols for your logo, or tattoo design, why don't you try our NEW Kanji Color Design and Translation service!!


Very unique kanji translation service

Kanji Symbols will be created with 2 different Japanese Calligraphy Fonts and 2 Color Design!!

There are also many different Kanji Calligraphy fonts to create Kanji Symbols as well.

Some are unique, artistic and beautiful like the following.

For example, if you order the Kanji symbols of England and Australia, we translate them into Japanese symbols but also will design with calligraphy fonts and color!!

Japanese Calligraphy FontsJapanese Calligraphy Fonts



Listen to our customers

Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials I've received.

Dear Takanori,

Thank you very much for the fast reply, as well as for your explanation of the translation.

The kanji images/translations are great! I will most probably use them as X-ma's presents (e.g., small framed posters).

However, I'm still thinking about having the names of my children tattooed (I will send you pictures).

I found your web page via google

Best regards,
Sven Fokkema


Yes, my husband to be (next week Aug 28) and I will be getting tattoos.

And what a great wedding present this will be. He has been searching for this.

You have so made my wedding so incredibly special and I thank you! I am hoping to get this done after we marry, as in days! Again... I so thank you!

Linda Stanley

Dear Takanori-san,

Thank you so much!!!!!

i just received my pictures and they are perfect!!!! they are exactly what i was looking for....and now thanks to you my friend, i know that they are authentic & correct. I am having these symbols(my daughters name) tattooed, i will gladly send you the pics when i have the work done.

Again thank you so much!!!! count on hearing from me again my friend, i will tell everyone i know about this awesome service you provide....oh, the address you have on file is correct for mailing, i look forward to the book. I came across you services through a search engine, and did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that you and your web site was the way to go!!!!

I was hesitant at first, but having your picture on your web site REALLY HELPS! (makes me feel I'm not just sending my money off into la la land) and the testimonials i read were the deciding factor in my decision...all those satisfied people cannot be wrong.

I definitely will be using your service again for other personal projects, but i also will praise and recommend you to everyone interested.

My tattoo artist was excited when i gave him all this info, as he says he gets a lot of requests for Japanese kanji symbols but does not have a resource for correct symbols, so he has to turn away customers... longer because we found you!!!!!

Thank you again Takanori, i look forward to speaking with you again soon,

Best Regards,

Daniel Anderson



My 100% Bulletproof 30-Day

No Questions Asked Guaranteed

100% Guaranteed

I want everyone who order this Japanese translation to get the CORRECT Japanese symbols matching your intended meaning exactly.


If you are dissatisfied with your Japanese translation, simply return it within 30 days for prompt 100% refund, or I will re-create your words and create new calligraphy for you free of charge.

No hassles and no questions asked!


3 special bonuses

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Well, my friend, after reading all of these testimonials, your decision should be an easy one.

You may be excited about receiving your customized Japanese symbol images.

But, guess what.

That's not only thins you will receive.

I think you're going to be astonished by the 3 SUPER BONUSE I'm giving away FREE, for a limited time only.


Bonus #1

Find out how to pronounce your symbols in Japanese! (Valued at: $15)

How do I pronounce this kanji in Japanese?

That's right.

Along with your fully customized kanji symbols, we will also tell you how to pronounce them in Japanese!


Bonus #2

You will receive the Ebook called "Kanji Dictionary"(Valued $30.00)

Collectiono of Japanese symbols (KANJI)

Kanji Dictionary

This is a collection of 30 popular Japanese kanji symbols based on the way of SAMURAI.

Bonus #3

Ask Takanori Tomita about your Japanese Symbols!(Valued $35.95)

Takanori Tomita

If you have any questions about your Japanese Symbols translated by Takanori Tomita, you can ask him at any time.

He understands that you want to make sure that you have exactly the CORRECT Japanese symbols for your intended meaning.

Many words in English can be translated in several different kanji symbols.

Each of these may have a slightly different meaning in Japanese.

He will try to select the best symbols for what you want to say!

And if you have any questions, you can ask him!


How much does it cost?

The Kanji Design And Translation Service is available for as much as $70.00 - but right now, as part of a special marketing test, we have dropped the price to an unbelievably low US$51.95 plus you will also receive 3 SPECIAL BONOUS.

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You can spend years and years learning HOW TO WRITE Japanese symbols, and you still won't have the full understanding of Japanese symbols that this Kanji Translation gives you within 48 hours!!

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