This ebook contains 13 Japanese symbols of Traditional Japanese Phrase - 4 Ji Jyu Ku Go.

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Hi my name is Takanori

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Takanori Tomita.

Are you always fascinated by different cultures especially with Japanese history?

If so, let me explain about the Japanese historical phrase or Japanese saying called "Yo Ji Jyu Ku Go".

Japanese saying: Yo Ji Jyu Ku Go

"Yo Ji Jyu Ku Go" contains 4 Japanese Kanji symbols and represents idiomatic action, behavior or Japanese moral philosophies.

These phrases are still accepted for everyday use, like in newspapers and ordinary reading matter or most often in a school textbooks.

Especially with scholar, politician and sometimes commentator speak to use them in a usual conversation.

For example, the following "Yo Ji Jyu Ku Go" means,Fight with one's own shadow, and can be represented like this:

Japanese Saying

In Japanese, it is pronounced " Gi Shi N An Ki".


Japanese Symbols (KANJI)

Today, there are over two thousand Japanese kanji accepted use in Japan.

Kanji are incredibly beautiful and creative characters.

Like "Yo ji Jyu Ku Go", kanji itself represent meaning in an expressive way.

However, there are also 2 other scripts we use in everyday of our life.

They are called, Hiragana and Katakana.

Hiragana is basically more cursive or rounded way of writing and indicates both the shape and relative simplicity of the scripts.

Have a look at this Japanese saying:

Japanese saying

[ Love is a leveler ]

This time, the Japanese phrase is not only KANJI.

So, it is NOT "Yo Ji Jyu Ko Go", because it is not made of 4 kanji symbols.

Although Kanji symbols are used to express the main concept of this phrase, Hiragana is also used to write the grammatical parts of sentence.

They are a subordinate characters.


What sort of phrases are they?

The following is the meaning of each Japanese phrases that are included in this ebook.

Japanese Phrase 1Japanese Phrase 2Japanese Phrase 3Japanese Phrase 4Japanese Phrase 5Japanese Phrase 6Japanese phrase 7Japanese Phrase Japanese phraseJapanese PhraseJapanese Phrase


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