Japanese Kanji dictionary which contains Samurai, Ronin Warrior, Bushido and so on with the traditional Japanese calligraphy fonts!!

Kanji dictionary bookKanji dictionary book

In this Kanji dictionary, there are 30 KANJI Symbols, based on the way of Samurai, with a total of 4 different Japanese Calligraphy fonts for each to represent a different mood or style, from traditional to modern.

Here's the sample of inside content.

What is included in this Kanji dictionary?

There are 30 kanji symbols based on the way of Samurai with 4 different Calligraphy Fonts plus the meaning for each symbol.

The size of image for each entry is the same as below.

Sample kanji

What are the 4 Japanese Calligraphy Fonts?

Kanji Style 7 Kanji Style 8
Kanji Style 24 Kanji Style 23

What are the 30 kanji writings included in this Kanji dictionary?

Here is the list of Kanji characters included in this Kanji dictionary

Please note: some kanji can be written by 1 or 2 characters.

In this book, there are Kanji characters based on the same meaning but may use different kanji characters.

Some of famous samurai's name with Kanji symbols are also included.

What is the Kanji Dictionary format?

The kanji dictionary is the PDF format.

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Kanji dictionary book

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