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Dear Takanori,

I learned about your web site at

Last week I was in the process of doing research for a Japanese Culture
course at Thompson Rivers University here in Kamloops, British Columbia,
Canada. My topic was "The Origins of the Japanese Language." My husband
found your site and sent away my name information.It was a perfect fit for
my class oral presentation on Thursday Feb.16th.I received your Japanese
symbols the night before my class.I started my presentation by introducing
myself in Romaji,gave the rest of my lecture, then ended it by showing how
my name looked in the Japanese language written tradition of kanji and
hiragana. Everyone clapped and my professor said I did a great job and that
it was very interesting.I thank you for your quick reply and I am very
pleased with the results. I am definitely going to frame my name symbols. It
will make another beautiful addition to my expanding collection of Japanese

Domo arigato!
Delores Fournier


Dear Takanori,

Thank you very much for the fast reply, as well as for your explanation of
the translation. The kanji images/translations are great! I will most
probably use them as X-mas presents (e.g., small framed posters). However,
I'm still thinking about having the names of my children tattooed (I will
send you pictures).

I found your webpage via google

Best regards,
Sven Fokkema


My name is John Vas and I just received the Artwork
that i purchased on line from your company. Let me say
that I couldn't be more pleased and am in eager
anticipation to use these as my tattoo. I will be sure
to send you a digital photo once the work is
completed. I was checking on line for symbols when I
came across your sit on Yahoo. Once I read about it,
and did some research I was convinced that your
service was the right choice for me. Once my tattoo is
competed I will be sure to send pictures and a
testimonial. Thank you for your terrific work!


Dear Takanori Tomita,

I've updated my website and used the live with meaning Kanji:

I have a link to your website on my recommendations page. Also, I used the Reiki Kanji you did as "bullets" on the website and I also created a custom embossing stamp with it. So cool! I'll snail mail you some samples of all I've created.




As owner of a Japan based website on Green Tea I am sometimes asked by my customers for translations, quite often including kanji. While I can do it to a degree, I prefer to send them directly to Takanori Tomita’s website, Takanori is a native born Japanese and has every angle of Japanese character and kanji translation covered!

Don’t get the wrong tattoo ? talk to Mr. Tomita first!


Kevin Moore, President”


Dear Takanori Tomita:

Thank you for sending the translations so promptly. I will be using them in a tattoo that I am getting tomorrow evening. I am so glad that I found your website while looking for Japanese translation information on the Internet. I was concerned about using symbols I obtained through an an on-line translation dictionar,y as I was
afraid that (unbeknownst to me) they might convey the wrong meaning.
Your website allowed me to get exactly what I was searching for.

The mailing address that you noted below is correct. I will look forward to receiving the Kanji Dictionary. (This email is coming to you from my work email address rather than my home email address, - so I hope it isn't confusing.

Thanks again for the great service. I will send you a picture of my tattoo.

Best regards,


Thank you for sending me them so quickly. I am planning on using them for a
tatto. I will tell my friends about your web site because you have been so
hospitable towards me. Thank You again.

Dale Berry




Your site was easy to navigate and that's why I chose your site to do the
translations. Your site made it clear you were interested in creating an
accurate translation of my phrase and that's what I needed. Ordering was a
simple process that made me confident you would get the job done right. I'm
even more convinced of that now that you've sent so many follow-up emails to
see if all went well. That is good customer support.

My purpose is to use the phrase "smaller box" or as you translated it "small
box", in my website design and in the interior decoration of my motor home
and stained glass. As I proceed I'll send you some pictures of my use of the

Also, seeing your picture on the website is a good thing and makes you a
real person rather than an unknown entity...that also helped me decide to
send you my money.

Great work! Thanks, Takanori !



Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate it so very very much- pictures will definitely be sent along. I can't say that my painting will be particularly interesting, but that's okay. I'll send pictures of the tattoo for sure :)

I hope to learn Japanese myself, so hopefully someday I will be as full of knowledge as you, but until then I'll definitely use your service for help.

I can't thank you enough! Please let me know if there's anything that I can do...a recommendation to write for you website, anything.

Regards, Katie


Dear Takanori Tomita-san,

Thank you very much for your fast response to my request of Kanji translation and thank you very very much for your excellent work and presentation with stencils for tattoo's included, excellent!!

The translation for "Tenjo Tengae Uiga Dokuson" turned out excellent, great work thanks Takanori!!

I have received everything and I am very satisfied with the results and I look forward to doing business with you again soon sometime and of course I will recommend you to any of my friends needing your work!!Thank you!

Hontoni arigatou gozaimashita, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Peter White


Dear Takanori Tomita,

Thank you for you the wonderful translation of my order. I was extremely pleased to receive each word presented in 3 different styles, horizontal and vertical outlooks, black on white and stencils. That was a great job!

I search multiple engines (Yahoo, Google, etc) to find the person/company offering best service for translation of English words to Japanese language and writing them in Kanji.

I found your place on and was greatly pleased by thoroughness and professionalism of your website. You didn't just create your site to say "Hey, give me the money, get you damned translation and get lost forever" (like several other services I encountered on the Web do). The service you've provided was friendly, and pleasant (hopefully for both parties). It was great pleasure to deal with you.

As I mentioned before I have been studying Japanese Culture, as well as Zen for several years. I have purchased several Zen books on-line. Unfortunately besides books and Zen music on CD there is very little offered on the market.

I wanted to have a Zen tattoo for many years, but it doesn't seem to be possible. I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts. There is no Japanese presence in this area. Si there are no Japanese tattoo makers here. There are not even Chinese tattoo makers. And since tattoo is a serious thing that will stay for years on your skin, I do not trust local tattoo makers (who are Americans) to do it for me. So I will have to hold it off indefinitely, until one day I hope I will have the chance to do it with the real Japanese tattoo maker.

Even when I wanted to order a piece of clothing (baseball cap, t-shirt, jacket, etc.) I couldn't find any local store that does it here at all.

Nevertheless, I will not kvetch anymore, and sincerely thank you for your excellent translation and beautiful characters. I hope to be able to place more orders with you in the nearest future.




Dear Takanori Tomita,

I actually found your service while searching for a Kanji site that I
could use for three tattoos. I had read that many are "false" in that they
do not truly mean what one is told they mean and so when I found your site,
I was happy to read that you check your meanings carefully.
I found your site to be very easy to use and the designs were sent
quickly. Thank you again for all of the "bonuses" too:)
I will do my best to send you a photograph of the tattoo when it is
finished. I have chosen them to be placed upon my left arm in the left to
right order "Faith, Clarity, Honor". These are things I value highly in my
own life - my other tattoos have the same importance to me.
Thank you greatly for your fine service! I shall recommend you to others
and the tattoo artist as well!

William Gray


hi, thank u i was looking it up and never seemed to find it, i want this tattoo on my back. i am always told i am like a free spirit always happy and always one with the wind and that is why i want it tattooed on my body. thanks again!



They are just what I needed , thank you so much. Your quick responce is
really great! I am going to recommend you to some other artists I know.



Good morning Takanori Tomita. Thank you for your quick response. The symbols you sent to me are beautiful. I want to use them for a tattoo and will gladly send you a picture once it has been done.



Yes thank you Mr Tomita,

I have received all the images and I am very pleased with them.

Sorry I have not replied before this, but I work away from home all week and this is the first opportunity I have had to check my e-mail.

The images are going to be used as a reminder of my best friend who is dying of cancer. I will, in time, get a tattoo. I also own a very special Japanese car, that means a lot to both me and Jasper. I am going to get a set of stickers made to put on the car as further tribute to my mate.

I will send a picture of the tattoo once it is done, if you want to see the car as well let me know.

I appreciate your work and patience.

Thank you

Paul Gidney


Hello, and thank you for your prompt service. These words have a
significant meaning to me in how I have lived my life and served my
community. I have been a Police Officer for 32 years, so you can
imagine the importance of Duty, Truth, Honour and Courage. I intend to
have them inscribed on my left arm.

I do have a question. For each word there are two symbols. Are both
written for each word, or are they two different and separate
variations for the word. If you could explain, I would appreciate your

If you could imagine your left arm. I want to begin at the shoulder
and have them tattooed vertically towards the elbow. Is it possible
for you to show me exactly how it should look on my arm? I don't want
to make a mistake. Once it's on, it can't come off. When it is
finished, I will send you pictures.

Thanks you once again.

Mike Babineau


Mr. Tomita,

I did receive your images and I thank you for your rast response, and your
time. I look forward to using your services again in days to come.

Thank you again.


Jess Col


You are WONDERFUL! Yes, my husband to be (next week Aug 28) and I
will be getting tatoos. And what a great wedding present this will be. He
has been searching for this. You have so made my wedding so incredibley
special and I thank you! I am hoping to get this done after we marry, as in days!
Do I need your permission to use these? If so please let me know what I
need to do. Again... I so thank you! I am so blessed to have my soulmate.

Linda Stanley (soon to be Little)



Yes, thank you! I have received my images. THEY ARE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where do you live? I used to live in Zushi which is near Yokohama. My family and I lived
there for 5 years. My wife can speak Japanese but has a hard time with reading/writing.
We now live in Spain, but will move to the U.S. (VIRGINIA) at the end of this month.l

I would like to know more about you and your business. Perhaps we can work together.

Very respectfully,


Everything arrived, including stencils. I will send photo when tattoo is done. The artist was very impressed with your work and has asked for your details which I will give him on Tuesday 24/08/04 when I get the work done. THanks again



Thank you very much for your quick service. E-mail received safely. Symbols look amazing. I am using them for tatoos. Mia is my daughter and Claire is my wife. I will probably use Hiragana (vertical) for Claire and Kanji (horizontal) for Mia. I will send photos when complete. I will recommend your service to anyone wishing a Japanese translation. Thank you once again.

Stuart Summers



Hi Takanori

Many thanks for your quick response. The images have come through fine -
thank you. Im going to get the image tattooed on my lower back as Joshua is
my son's name and Ive been thinking about doing this for a while. I think
to have his name in Japanese is very different and unique. I will send you
through a photograph in the next few weeks once I have the tattoo done.

Many thanks
Gillian Lindsay



Wow you get back quick this really is an excellent service. I talked to the woman in Sing. and as you rightly said it is mandarin, all very confusing for me, but obviosly i can apprieciate the massive difference.

I'll let you know about Bunbu Itchi and i'll keep in touch.



This is awesome, thanks!

I work for a tattoo shop and I would love to use this service more and
more. Do you by chance offer a frequent user discount? We gets all
sorts of odd request for things and if its not in our book that cant
get it but if we could get the proper translation a little bit less it
would be perfect!

Thanks again!



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