[Japanese Family Crest: Kamon]

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Flower Kamon Design
Kamon design - Kawari Itadori
Kamon - Aoi
Kamon: Kuri no maru
Kawari Itadori
- no.1

This represents a Japanese pampas grass. A pampas grass is known as the flower with white color.
Maruni in mitu aoi - no.2
This represents a geranium. This crest is historically known as Tokugawa Kamon. Tokugawa is a general in the age of Edo.
Kuri no maru
- no.3
This Kamon represent a chestnut. In Japan, it is know as the most important food from the primitive age.
Kamon: rice
Kamon - squash
Kamon - Botan Chou
Inemaru ni ichi
- no.4
This represent rice flower with the number 1 symbol. The kamon is known as the Suzuki's family crest in Japan.
Ogawa uri
- no.5
This kamon represents squash, and pumpkin. This symbol is knows as the symbol used for oota and tanaka family in Japan.
Botan Chou
- no.6
This represent a peony flower and butterfly. This kamon symbol is used only for top level of people in Japan at Samurai age.


Animal Kamon Design
Kamon design - Kawari Itadori
Kamon - Tuno
Kamon: horse
- no.7
The bird Kamon is used to considered as an old authority symbol in some of the Japanese family.
Maruni Daki Tuno
- no.8
This is representing a horn. The horn symbol is used on the skull in the warring state period.
Hidari Kake uma
- no.9
This Kamon obviously represent horse. This kamon symbols is known as aiba family crest.
Kamon: horn
Kamon: phenix
Kamon: dragon
Maruni chigai fukutuno
- no.10
This represent a horn as well, but a different design. The horn symbol is also know as bushido.
Mai hou ou
- no.11
This kamon is a phoenix. In China, a phoenix is a lucky symbol. It is now used as one of the luckly Kamon symbol in Japan.
Ryu no maru
- no.12
This kamon is a dragon as a circle. The dragon symbol is imported from China and India.
Kamon: snake design 1
Kamon: snake design 2
Kamon: snake design 3
inyou futatu hemi
- no.13
These kamon symbols all represent snake.
ichi no jini mitu hemi
- no.14
A snake is historically know as a spritual animimal.
ukin wahemi
- no.15
These snake kamon symbols represent skull.


Geography Kamon Design
Kamon symbol: Thunder
Kamon symbol: Waves
Kamon symbol: Moon
Katudatemusubi inazuma
- no.16
This Kamon represent lightning. The lighting symbol was used on a pottery.
Nami no maru
- no.17
This kamon represent waves. Many samurai used this kamon, because waves are coming and going which is similar to tactics of Samurai strategy.
Han tuki
- no.18
This Kamon represent moon. The moon symbol was thought as a god once upon a time and used as kamon symbol.
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