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Hi Takanori,

The Japanese symbols you sent me were fantastic thank you so much. I got a
tattoo done with them on Friday it looks so perfect I couldn't ask for
better!!!!The artist did an amazing job as well!! I have a photo but it was
taken straight after the tattoo was done. I'd be happy to let you use the
photo for your webside only i'd like to send a photo of it when it's healed
properly it looks very sore on the photo and i'd like you to see it in all
its glory! Is that ok? I can you send you the photo in about a week I don't
think it will take to long as its starting to heal beautifully now.

Thanks again for the translation I really couldn't be happier!

Will forward the photos soon!!!



Hello, I would like to thank you for your professional and timely service.
I intend to use the Loyalty symbols for a tattoo vertically down my right arm.
Thats in the next 2 weeks.
I will send you a picture when they are complete.

Once again many thanks for your service.
I now how total confidence that this tattoo is 100 % genuine.

Kind Regards


Dear Takanori,

I did receive them, thanks. They look great and verify what I thought
were the appropriate Kanji. I now have a great deal of conficence in using
these symbols. Your calligraphy is excellent, and they will look quite nice
embroidered on my Aikido gi.

I look forward to receiving your ebook file.

Thank You,



Just opened up the emails you sent me and very happy with your work, thanks
for the advice regarding taking a stencilled image to my tattoo parlour,
will save time, money, also have a clear view of what the symbols patterns
are hence getting it right.
Because you have a good service anyone who ask about my tattoo and symbols i
will refer your website. Getting the correct translation from the outset was
very important to me and you made it that much easier!

All the best wishes Macaroni Tomita and when iam ready to for my next
translation i know where to get them.

Many Thanks

steve Lewis


Dear Takanori-san,

Thank you so much!!!!!
i just recived my pictures and they are perfect!!!!
they are exactly what i was looking for....and now
thanks to you my friend, i know that they are authentic & correct.
I am having these symbols(my daughters name) tattooed, i will gladly send you the pics when i have the work done.

Again thank you so much!!!!

count on hearing from me again my friend, i will tell everyone i know about this awesome service you provide....oh, the address you have on file is correct
for mailing, i look forward to the book.

I came across you services through a search engine, and did alot of research and came to the conclusion that you and your website was the way to go!!!!

I was hesitant at first, but having your picture on your website REALLY HELPS! (makes me feel im not just sending my money off into la la land) and the
testimonials i read were the deciding factor in my decision...all those satisfied people cannot be wrong.

I definitely will be using your service again for other personal projects, but i also will praise and recommend you to everyone interested.

my tattoo artist was excited when i gave him all this info, as he says he gets alot of requests for japenese kanji symbols but does not have a resource for correct
symbols, so he has to turn away customers.... longer becasue we found you!!!!!

Thank you again Takanori,

i look forward to speaking with you again soon,

Best Regards,

Daniel Anderson


Dear Takanori Tomita

Thank you very much for the accurate symbols so quickly i am planning to get some of these symbols tattoed on my arm to remind me of the most important things to remember when entering into my next relationship i might throw in a sybol which means laugh as well im unshore yet thanks heaps ive always been interested in japanese culture and that dictionary you are sending me will be much appreciated.

from adam


Takanori Tomita,

I have received the Japanese Name symbols, they are very beautiful. I've been meaning have my name tattooed on my back, but I wasn't quite sure if I'd receive accurate translations until I found your web site through Yahoo. I'd be delighted to send you pictures once they're done. Below is my postal address. Thank you so much!



Dear Takanori Tomita,

Yes i have received the floppy disk which contains the Kanji Dictionary, and i am very happy with the symbols that you have translated for me. I have gottan the tattoo, and i shall send you the picture. I want to thank you for all the help and i will definetly recomend you to all my friends and anyone that i come across that is
looking for a translation. I carry the busniess cards around just in case.

Once again thank you very much.



Hi Takanori

Thank you so much for the swift replies - much appreciated

Firstly let me thank you for the fantastic work you have produced for us,
the quality and attention to detail is first class. It is so refreshing to
work with someone who understands their market and as importantly their
customers. You have taken on board the spirit of what we needed.

We will use your work as part of a badge, identity and general marketing for
our new Karate Dojo. Once the designs are signed off I will forward you some
of the finished items for your records and please don't hesitate to use any
of our comments or artwork for promotional purposes on your website

I found you in Google using the keyphrase 'japanese kanji translation' and
your service was exactly what we required

Thanks once again

Robert Shah-Ashworth
Managing Director
7media Complete Internet Solutions



Dear Takanori,
Thank you very, very much for the symbols, they are beautiful and I'm happy that you also sent me the prenounciation, it makes it complete. It might take a while but I will send you a photo once I've finished the medallion.
I found your site through google.

With kind regards, Ann Blommaart


Dear Takanori,

Thank you for re-translating that phrase! That was so nice of you! Our
address is in the US; sorry I did not specify that. Also, I realized I
forgot to tell you that I found your web site on Thank you
again for everything; you have gone above and beyond my expectations!


Jenn Reynolds


Dear Takanori,

I did receive the letter with the diskette and thank you very much.
The book is put together very well and is quite informative.

I think that it's very nice of you to follow up with customers and provide new
material and additional resources. As I mentioned in one of my earlier emails, your service is very professional and worthwhile to anyone investigating Japanese symbols for art, tattoos, or just general interest. Some time ago I purchased an English / Japanese dictionary but it was very difficult to figure out the appropriate meaning of the symbols.

You should be more aggressive with advertising your service.
Take care, keep in touch.

Best regards,


thanks again for your help,,,your work, design, and info has been greatly appreciated,,,,,,you will be recommended,,,,you went beyond what was expected of you,,,,nice to receive "CUSTOMER SERVICE" for a change,,,,

Thanks again

Danny Sharpe


I am going to use the image for a tattoo. I found the website on yahoo. I was doing research on Japenes symbols because no one was able to help me on writing the phrase out. Below is my address. Thank you so much on your assistance and once I have the tattoo done I will send a picture of it to you as as possible.

Maura Gaspar


Hi Takanori,

Thank you so very much for the prompt service.
The calligraphy is just "AWESOME." I am Japanese also and I really appreciate your service. I was very fortunate to have found you service and it was found
by accident.

My son's middle name is Kage so I am going to be tattooing his name on my arm. But these symbols will be used for the creation os my websites Kage Kreationz
and Samurai Kreationz. I can assure you that I will be using your service alot as soon as I get my services ready for promotion, which will be very soon.

Again, thank you for your very quick and awesome service and designs. I will make sure to give your services out to anyone that will aquire the need for Japanese Translation.


Telan Tatsumi Hosaka


1,,,,not difficult at all to order at all,,,very user friendly,,,,site gives a lot of info,,,the testimonials are well received,,,I reviewed many sites and yours was #1 choice hands down,,,,more important was your follow up customer service with all my questions,,,after the sale!!!! you were extremly helpful

2,,,,I am very interested in and study the Japanese culture,,,as you explained in the many styles of kanji, I have a VERY old style on my wall,,,,done by an artist who could do modern styles, as well as very old styles,,,,,it is amazing the way it has changed over hundreds of years,,,,but mostly, as I pointed out, I am a 5th degree black belt Master Instructor in the art of Karakido Karate,,,an americanized style from Japanese origin,,,that is the reason for my symbols,,,I have a karakido tattoo, and I end each class asking my students the 3 most important things in life,,,they are God, Family,and Country in that order,,,,I now want another tattoo for this reason,,,,14 yrs of study in this style,,,my masters, master trained under Gichen Funakoshi (I hope I spelled that right),,,,lot of history,,,I have also studied tae kwon do, ju jitsu,,,,

I teach many kids and adults,,,,and while I (we) can be quite lethal, I point out that is a last resort,,,the mental attitude, honor and respect I take from the japanese culture I convey in my classes,,,,with great knowledge comes great responsibility,,,,,

in other words I am not on the popular bandwagon with kanji tattoos or the like,,,,the culture, and kanji, has a deep meaning to me through my martial arts,,,,would never just want words for the sake of getting inked,,,,my ink has gotta mean something deep,,,I also will get stickers and pendants made from your kanji,,,,,,I sell these at cost to students who want them,,,

I also appreciate your response to the meaning of Karakido,,,,as in many words/kanji, translation varies,,,met a japanese man recently,,,read my arm and said "karakido",,I asked what does it mean,,he said "uh very difficult,,,atmosphere inside you, around you" which I took again as pretty close to the "way of inner power" that was use as Karakido meaning

3. I did read your special report,,,,the free book was cool, but not a deciding factor,,,,,bottom line is I am taking a leap of faith on a website that I know nothing about,,,is it a ripoff? does he know what he is talking about??? am I throwing away money??? I will be honest, I did transaltions thru other sources, but they were "typed" font,,,many free kanji on tatto sites, but country was never there,,just god and family,,,,,and again no assurance they were correct,,,, your detailed professional site made me make my choice,,,,

sorry for rambling,,,I can never be quick,,,especially when I have so much to say,,,I just cant say enough about how pleased I am with your service,,,,,

Your friend,

Danny Sharpe
Flat Rock, NC


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