Listen to our customers

mr tomita..

i thank you so much for this tranlation, i look forward to
having this tatooed.. i can not express enough how much i appreciate your
knowledge and valued guidance...

i will highly recomend you.

thank you again sir.

mark crawley


Dear Takanori Tomita!

These "DeSign For You - Japanese Symbols" you have crafted for me are beautiful! Thank you for your time and attention.

Next time I need a translation, I will come to you, for sure.

I did check to see about the horizontal symbols and the meanings and pronunciations of my new words; everything is as it should be.

You're workmanship is wonderful!



This is exactly what I need--perfect. Thank you very much! I will be sure to send you a photo when I get my tattoo.

You provide a great service, I am very pleased to work with you.

Lynn Tracy


I found you by searching "Kanji" on Google.

I chose you because I trusted that I would get the true symbol for the translation. I also read a lot of the customers comments.

At this time I have no suggestions for your customer service. My experience was great and I would refer you to a friend, I would also shop DSFY again!

Thank you,



I got my tattoos yesterday and their just awesome! only on me of
course!!! My purpose was sending pictures to you but I have some
problems with my computer so I`ll send them later okay? I wrote them
(or actually the girl from tattoo shop) to my left gamp, they start
from knee and goes all the way to my ankle. OK, maybe not so unique but
hey, tattoos are for Myself NOT to someone else, right? And by the
way, thanx for the Kanji dictionary. I downloaded from your website and
it?s very cool. I got some new ideas for my next "MARKS ON MY BODY" =
TATT00S. So, let?s keep in touch and once again, THANK YOU VERY VERY

Pride, Honor, Loyalty

Yours, Mikko from Finland



I got the symbols fine and had my tattoo done on Friday evening here at the
Laughing Buddha in Seattle by George Long (He's a sweetheart). It looks
great and I am very pleased with it.

PS I checked the symbols with a Japanese gal at my work and she confirmed
that they said what I wanted them to say. Anyway, they turned out
beautiful. Sonja



Thank you very much for your speedy response.

Yes I did receive the Japanese symbols and had responded to acceptence.

I do thank you and will send you a picture as soon as I get my tattoo done.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me and I will definitely pass this service to others.

Thank You



I recived the translation perfectly, and I am very pleased.

It is a exactly what I was looking for, and I am now confident that my tattoo
will say what i wanted it to.

Thank you for your fast and friendly service.

Chris Beckett


Hi Takanori,

Thank you for your very quick response.

May I please say that the service I have received from yourself and has been outstanding and I will gladly recommend your services to anyone who may ask me. I will gladly send a photo of my tattoo once I have had it done.

Kind Regards,


Dear Takanori,

I have used you symbols recently to get a tattoo on my arm, thankyou for your design.

The worth TRUTH was translated and i got it tattooed onto the inside of my left wrist.

I will be coming back for two more in the near future.

Thankyou again....... have also sent your site to many friends



Western Australia


Takanori Tomita-

Yes, I did receive the email. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

I love how they came out and I am excited to get tatooed on me.

I should have another set of Symbols coming also.

I can't wait to see them as well.





The designs came out perfect, I am have them done on my arm this weekend and
will most definitely send some pictures when they are done.



Hi Takanori

Thank you for those absolutly beautiful kanji translations, I am so pleased.

I was a bit nervous about my tattoo appointment
tomorrow afternoon, but now I simply cant wait!

Best regards, Anita - Denmark


DSFY Translator Team,

I am writing to inform you that I have received you're translations and they are exactly what I was looking for. If I ever need anything else I now know where to go, and if anyone asks me I'll tell them about you guys. thanks for everything.



Mr. Takanori,

I just recieved the designs and they look beautiful. That you very much for your work, and I was impressed with how quickly it arrived. I will certainly send you photos of what I decide to do with the translation, and will be recommending you to anyone who asks. Be blessed.



mr tomita..

i am just so pleased with what i received,i am taking it to my
tatoo artist to have done.. i could not be more thrilled.. your service is
outstanding sir.. i will send a picture to you upon completion.

with much appreciation sir

mark crawley


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