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Dear Takanori,

I recived the translations successfully - Fantastic and beautiful work!!! I could not have asked for more.

Once again, thankyou very much. I will be in contact in the next few weeks with some more work. Thankyou also to the DSFY team for such prompt service.

Take care,

Speak to you soon,

High Regards



Dear Takanori Tomita,

Yes I received the e-mail with the translation and I am very happy with your service, it has been quick and as you had promised.

The symbols are absolutly beautifull and the translation of my name is gorgeous.

Thank you very much I will definitly pass your web page on to all my friends.

Thank you regards

Nelleke Heston


Dear Takanori,
I am thrilled to inform you I have received my translated Japanese symbols.

I can't thank-you enough for your prompt, professional dedicated and beautiful work that will be with me forever.

Your service and how well you run it is a credit to you and your staff, my Wife has rung me in tears as they are so beautiful, again thank-you,

I am so appreciative and elated

Best Wishes Paul Giles


Ahhhh, my good friend Takanori san!

What a beautiful site to behold. Your work was excellent.

I did many variations with the kanji for my grandson. I thought I would send you one that was kind of radical.

I do much "outline work" for business friends and this work is rather simple not to mention I've done it for about 30 years, maybe forty.

I get a news letter from The Buddhist Temple of Chicago so I am very use to the many styles of Japanese.

But I must say I was very surprised and impressed by your work!

Thank you Very much,



Hi there Takanori.

I would just like to let you know that i have successfully downloaded and printed the attachments that you have sent in quick response and i`m absolutely delighted.
It`s my best friends birthday on Thursday and and i`m hoping to take her in for the tattoo to be done in the next couple of weeks.

She will also be delighted as for months and months now she has been searching for someone to translate this and i`m happy that you have provided this excellent service to me to pass on to my friend.

Thanks again, you have made two people very happy today.
Take care.
Dawn x


Mr. Tomita,

Yes I have received your artwork. Thank you very much. I love them. And just
knowing they actually say what I meant for them to say means a lot.

I am getting a tattoo today thanks to you.

Thank you again,

Randy Thacker


Dear Takanori,

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

Your art is beautiful.

The card I made for the wedding couple on the handmade Japanese paper with the kanji on the front was fantastic!

Thank you so much. In the future, if I need more translations, I will call on you again.

I will be working with the ones I currently have into a tattoo design which I will email when done.

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!



Thank You Takanori-san,
My son has taken 2 years of Japanese language in college and his best friend
is from Japan plus I have worked myself for Nishitetsu Nippon Railroad so we
have a little bit of knowledge in my family. Your translation is excellent
and certainly appreciate the very fast and efficient follow up also,
although I know from experience this is also part of the Japanese culture.
Very Much Appreciate the Great Service,



Dear Takanori:

Your translation was absolutely wonderful! ...

It was fast and you are a very responsive organization!

I look forward to doing business with you again



Dear DSFY,

That great news.That says exactly what I wanted. It says exactly what my wife means to me.

I will be going to my tattoo artist today to see when they can do it.

I wish to thank you all for helping me.
There are too many people claming to translate but the result is not good or helpful.

Your translation web site is good and all communication is nice and friendly.

I wish you all the DSFY Team the best for the future and will recommend you to any one.

Thanks again,


dear takanori tomita,

thank you very much once again, i truely appreciate the effort you have gone for this translation and i'm happy with it.

p.s my friends are impressed with what i have shown them, and they are even considering getting tattoos of this nature, and i have recommended you, thanks.

Nicholas Yu


dear takanori tomita,

Thanks ever so much for sorting this out for me... I intend to use these as a basis for small tattoos along the underside of my right arm... However, I did not want any errors with the meaning of the symbols, as I read a number of stories where individuals going at the translations alone, got it so very wrong...

I found your site with a friend using a google search for Kanji Translation... Yours seemed to be very professional, and a very good price, so I decided straight away to go for it... In fact, I don't think I touched any of the other pages within the list...

Thanks again... Just need to get the images to the right size and then onto my arm... Fantastic...



Dear Translator Team~

I most definitely have recieved my translations, and and so happy.

I'll be doing my tattoo next month around the 19th for my 24th birthday.

I can't tell you how invaluable your service is, I feel so much better knowing I don't have something terrible permanently on my body,

Thank you!



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