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Hi Guys,

In answer to your questions, I have found your help invaluable.
Had been trying to get the Kanji script myself here in NZ and had found
it difficult and time consumimg.
Don't know why I bothered because you guys did for me in 24 hours what I was
not able to accomplish in 3 months.
I should have used you guys when I first saw you but thought I could do the
same job on my own...............duh, what an idiot I was.
Havn't had my tats done yet, but as soon as I do I will flick you a pic.
Have had a graphic designer put the script into a shield template that will
go across my shoulders. Cant wait. Should look mint.

Mark Anderson


Thank you most kindly for your translations, and your speedy service, will
definitely use your service again and recommend it to others.



Hi, just to let you know that I have recieved my Japanese symbols and wish
to let you know how impressed I am with the service you provide.

Thank you for the perfect design, hopefully the tattoo will do your symbols

All the best

Ewan Buchanan


Dear Takanori

Thank you so much for the excellent work you have forwarded to me I could
not be happier!

I am planning to use them for a tattoo and will email through a photo once
they have been done. I would be proud to see them on your website.

I found your site through Google.

Best regards and thank you again.

Chris Robbins



Dear Takanori...

YES! I have received the Japanese Symbols for Infrared Light! Thank you
so very, very much for working on this for me. I have been trying for months
to figure this out by myself...until I discovered your wonderful web site
and the work that you do! You will be hearing from me again very soon, as
I am working on an infrared light project and I will need the symbols for
that as well.

I was surprised to see the word akari was not used... but that just shows
you that the world needs you! I am going to put this into my website at


Love & Light...




Hi Takanori!
How are you? Thank you so much for the symbols i am so excited about them....they will be perfect! I will send a pic as soon as i get them done. I appreciate the time and effort you have gone to for me and will be forever grateful. Take care and will send pics soon.
Highest regards,



Thankyou very much for the translation and symbols, have recieved them much
quicker than anticipated! I will be sure to post you some pics of my tattoo
once it is completed, as that is what the stencils are for.
Once again thankyou for your service,
Sincerely Jamie Miles




i received the symbols and they are WONDERFUL!!! thank
you, thank you..i am having them tattooed in about 2 weeks.. i did receive
your other messages.. what excellent customer service you have, i have
every intention of using your service again.

i appreciate you very much!!!

mark crawley



January 29, 2007

Dear DSFY Translation Team,

I wanted to thank you for the translation of the word SERENITY. I plan to
have this tattooed on my body somewhere. I have not quite decided where or
when I will have it tattooed but, I will send you a picture once it is

When I finally decided what I wanted as a tattoo, I searched over the
internet and ultimately found your site through Google. I am glad I found
you! I found 2 or 3 other symbols which stated they werethe Kanji symbols
for serenity; however, they look nothing similiar to what you have
translated for me. From reading your website I learned there can be many
symbols for a word depending upon the meaning.

I thank you again for your service. I now feel at ease having the symbol
put on my body for a lifetime and knowing what it truly means for me!

Jennifer White
Jacksonville, Florida
United States



Dear Takanori Tomita

This is Michah Jenkins. I received the Japanese Symbols and I am very thankful to have found your website. I have been wanting to get the "Trust No One" tattoo for going on 5 months now and was not comfortable with the information I was receiving from the internet alone and reading on the Kanji language. I am appreciative for your help. With my studies, I had a few characters right, but the placement was way off. With me being an artist, this was very helpful. Thank you again.



Dear takanori tomita,

thank you very much for the design translation,
i will be using the scripts in a tattoo design. I want to use the script as
part of the design but i´m in the process of looking for other images to use
aswell. i´m searching for images and pictures related to peace, love and
beauty. If you have any images that you think will go well, please let me
know. im really looking for an origional, detailed design as i´m an artist i
will design the final tattoo myself from thr images i collect. the scripts
that you sent me will be the main feature of the design.

Thank you fro your help

peace and respects

simon morton



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