Japanese Tattoo Design


Courage in Japanese hiragana

Thanks for giving me the "courage" to get my first tattoo! We changed
the font a little due to sizing/location limitations but overall, I'm pleased with the end result.

Thanks again for all your help and I'll definitely be using your service again in the near future.

Keep up the good work :)


Japanese name Kanji Tattoo design

Takanori, wanted to thank you for the Kanji translation. I love it so do my kids, they think its the best thing they ever saw in their lives.

I am glad I used you as my source, I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking about a Japanese tattoo, I am not done yet so you will be seeing another request in the near future.

Thank You once again.

Attached is a picture of the tattoo.

Take care.



Perseverance Kanji Tattoo design photo - Dancer


In reply to your email, I found you using "Google". I think your service is fabulous and I have recommended you many times already!

I have used my Japanese symbols (one of them anyway). Attached please find a photo of my new tattoo, "faith". I love it!

Many thanks,



Perseverance Kanji Tattoo design photo - Dancer

Within 3-4 days of receiving my order I had perseverance tattooed on my right foot. I love the tattoo and look forward to using some more of your stencils for other tattoos. Since I have walked/jogged 12 marathons and I am a Black Belt in a Korean Martial Art, perseverance is a very important word to me.

I found your web site by using AOL search.



Kanji Tattoo design photo - Dancer

The tattoo turned out amazing. I so glad I was able to find your site and I will surely use it again for my future ink.


Chris Heisey
Manheim, PA


Customer's Kanji Tattoo design photo - Dancer

Dear Takanori,
I would like to thankyou for the japanese Kanji you translated for me.

Asyou can see I have used it for a tattoo (picture attached). The designs were
produced very quickly and it is reassuring to know they mean exactly what I want them to. The tattoo artist was also impressed and commented on how "he could tell I'd had it translated properly".
Thanks again, best wishes,



Japanese name kanji symbol design


Hi just thought i`d send you a foto of my tattoo,many thanks i am very happy with it........




Customer's Japanese symbol tattoo design photo


Another cusomer's tattoo design


Kanji calligraphy tattoo design

Customer Comments

Here is a photo of my unfinished tattoo.
I will send a photo of the finished product.




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