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tattoo design

Dear Takanori,

Please find attached a photo of my Tattoo.

Thank you very much for the translation.

Kind Regards



Kanji tattoo design

My tattoo is finally done! I just wanted to thank you so much for your patience with all my questions, and for finding the kanji translation that was exactly what I wanted.

'mono no aware' is the kanji that I had requested, along with some direction for appropriate cherry blossom tattoo styles. Attached photos are what the final product looks like about 5 hours after I had the work done on 2/27/08 (hopefully, I did the attachments correctly!).

I would also really like to thank my tattoo artist, Suzanne for all the work as the entire tatto went above and beyond my wildest dreams!

Thanks again for the peace of mind that went along with the proper translation - you guys were great and I would highly recommend you to any of my friends.



Kanji symbol of winter, spring, summer and winter

Good evening Takanori!

I´ve just done my tattoo

so I´m sending you the picture.

Thank you for the help!

Regards/ Peter


Japanese Kanji symbol of sisters

Hi Takanori Tomita,

In response to your questions:
I found you with a "search" on the internet and I searched the keyword, "japanese kanji" and your site was one of the first hits.
After looking at your site, I did not research any others.

We have used the symbols.
My younger sister and I used the kanji for "sisters", one representing older sister and the other younger sister, and we both went and had the same artist give us our tattoos.

We absolutely love the way it turned out, and we very much enjoyed the bonding experience together.

Thank you for a quick turnaround in processing our request,

Dari and Valerie


Japanese symbols picture tattoo design

Hi Takanori,

I want to thank you so much for the Kanji script.

It looks beautiful.

I have left your name and website at the tattoo parlor and am telling everyone I know to go to you for Japanese translations.

You're the best!

Thanks so much!

Lisa Grider



Picture of Japanese kanji symbol tattto design

Can't remember if I sent you a pic yet, but here is another one just in case I didn't. And thanks for getting back to me much sooner than I did.


Japanese name symbols

Thank you very much again.

here are some pictures of my new Tattoo



Japanese tattoo design


we did use the Kanji tattoo design that we purchased from your website.

My girlfriend now has a beautiful tattoo on her lower back.

Nice one.

Cliff Harris



Picture of Japanese kanji symbol tattto design


My tattoo is finished and came out great!

Thanks so much for providing your translation service! I'm so glad I found your website and can feel confident
that my kanji symbols represent what I wanted them to mean.



Jesus Christ in Japanese symbols

Thank you so very much for the excellent service and product!

I chose the color translation, and I was exceedingly pleased with the result! I was so thankful that you give your clients both vertical and horizontal options.

The horizontal option was absolutely a key point in my purchase, and here you offered it as a standard option! I also appreciated the pronunciation of the name I chose!

I had this translated a few years ago for screen printing on some clothing, however, I didn't dare make it into a tattoo until I was 100% sure of the translation, that is why I chose your service. I am so happy with DSFY, I became an affiliate! My tattoo says "Jesus Christ," and I am proud to wear it as a permanent piece of body art!

-- Carl C. Anderson, Arlington Heights, Illinois


Japanese phrase tattoo design

Dear Takanori

Thank you so much for my Japanese symbol translation. It's taken me some time, but about a month ago I finally got my tattoo done. I don't know why I waited so long as I absolutely love it and I've attached a picture for you.

I originally found you through a tattoo design website and I searched Kanji translation on the site.

Thanks again.
Kind regards


Kanji name symbols

here is a picture of the tattoo.

It looks great.

thanks again!



2 kanji symbols tattoo design

Japanese family crest design

Dear Takanori,

I did a tattoo of the kanji enstict on the right wrist and for now I did on the left wrist the crest without my surname which I intend to make afte I graduate from the academy.

I leave it at your sole discretion to put either picture as you think appropriate.

Best Regards

George K.


kanji tattoo design

Here is my tattoo.


Japanese symbols tattoo design

I heard about you when I was doing an internet search, I am very happy with my design options and the final outcome!

It was very worth it to me to know with confidence that it means what it's supposed to mean!




Japanese symbols tattoo

Did you get my pic of my previous tattoo that I used your translation in? I'll attach it again just in case. I hope you like my use of your language....the two butterflies are for my two daughters...the dogwood flowers/branches mean love despite great adversity.....I will put the 3 charachters for broken under all of that horizontally. Thanks again.....it has taken me many years to decide on what I wanted to tattoo on myself permanently and you've helped me feel more confident with my choices.
I will try to remember to send the new pic after I get it done this week sometime. Dina


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