Japanese Tattoo Design

Japanese kanji symbol tattoo design

Customer tatoo design photo


here is my tattoo/



Japanese kanji symbol tattoo design


Thank you very much for doing the translation for me.

The quality of your work is unmatched.

I would never have been able to get exactly what I wanted without your assistance.

Please find attached the photo of my tattoo using your kanji.

Thanks again,


Japanese symbol tattoo design

Hi I'd like to thank you for your service, I used the symbols for my tattoo please see attached photo.

hope you will put this on your website!

Kind Regards

Craig Thompson


Japanese tattoo design photo

Hello Takanori Tomita

The tattoo that your Japanese symbols are a part of is finely done.

I have sent attached two photos of the finished work.

Not wishing to offend anyone with a photo of my bottom one is censored and
the other uncensored.

thank you again for doing the translation

Michael E. Jones


Japanese symbols on moter cycle


We did not use the characters for tattoos, but instead for lettering on our race motorcycle.

We have had some bad luck recently and needed a little motivation.

Here are images from practice bike.

The full race set up will look even better. Practice this past weekend went well, no crashes!



Kanji tattoo design photo

As you asked long time ago: the tattoo "mistress" on the ankle of my Mistress



Kanji tattoo design photo

Google was how I found you.

Here is my tattoo "Second Chance",
because I got given a second chance at life. Lived though a real bad accident.

After I ordered the symbols my friend did them in graffiti, then the tattoo artist did the background.

I was so pleased with the characters, I ordered more, and I'm planning on getting some more
as well. "

Perfectly Flawed"


Kanji tattoo design photo with cherry

Japanese kanji tattoo design with bonsai

Dear Takanori Tomita,

Thank you so much for your translation in Kanji.

I have had amazing tattoos done with the symbols you sent me, and am very appreciative of your help.

I definately recommend this site for its accuracy, variety of caligraphy styles, and ease of use.

Thank you again,


Musician Japanese symbols

Japanese kanji tattoo design

Here are my tattoos!



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