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Fighting Spirit kanji tattoo design

Dear Takanori,

Thank you for all your assistance in helping me find just the right kanji symbols to signify my life and put onto a tattoo.

Here is a picture of the two tattoos that I had done on Saturday. My boyfriend got a larger version of the same tattoo for “fighting spirit” on his neck also.

Even your assistance with the symbols for love and faith helped me determine my second tattoo, of which I decided to symbolize using a cross instead of the kanji symbols.

Thank you again for all of your help and continued interest in your customers! I will gladly refer you to anyone that wants authentic kanji symbols!


Angela H.


Japanese symbols tattoo

Hello Takanori,

Thank you for your kanji symbols ..

here is the picture of my tattoo..



kanji symbols tattoo design

Dear Takanori

Here is a picture of my completed back tattoo. I am very pleased with your 2 translations, they really put the finishing touches on the meaning of the piece. The higher translation - sube te no ko kyu no naka no inochi - Meaning: "LIFE IN EVERY BREATH" and the lower translation - tune ni shi o kokoro ni to me ru - Meaning: "ALWAYS KEEP DEATH IN MIND". Your service, communication, translation, and honorable ethics are second to none.

Respectfully, Dennis Nash
Enfield, CT. - United States


customer's tattoo design



customer's tattoo design


Great Job!!! it turned out better than I expected...


Roy Cathey


Lost kanji symbol tattoo design

Hello -

Please let me know if you are unable to open attachment.

Thank you & I look forward to hearing from you soon!




Japanese phrase kanji symbols

Hello Takanori Tomita,

I just want to email you to thank you so much for the kanji japanese symbol. You asked me question of how did I find you? somewhere in the internet. not really sure.

I just surfing and suddenly found you. so yeah. plus want picture of my symbol? I have already attached it. so yeah. Purpose I have this symbol is because I want to show who I really am. I'm proud to be deaf 100%.

I was born and raise being deaf. nothin that bother me. so yeah. thank you so much for this. it means alot to me. PLUS, I will be looking forward to have couple more symbol from you later on. thanks



Japanese phrase kanji symbols



Robin's tattoo design

Here's the picture thanks for the translation, the inscription reads: "If I were the rain"



Love my sons

Hi Takanori,
I finally had my tattoo made,

it looks great thanks so much for the translation "Love my Sons".


customer's tattoo design

This is Tom with the finished bike.

took a month to do everything, even thow it's not perfect, it is beautiful.

More people in my country should own bikes
and actually use them.

Maybe we would have some moreskinny people.

Anyway, here are some pics.
Thank you very much for the honorable artwork.


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