Japanese Tattoo Design

Kanji tattoo design photo


I want to sincerely thank you again for your help. And here is the finished product.

Thank you,



Ocean Samurai Kanji symbols

Hi there ,

Mr. Takanori

Here's my new kanji tattoo just finished . Please tell me what you think .

I do a lot ocean fishing , so I thought Ocean Samurai would look good .

Thank you for the Samurai stencil .

Thanks , Brian


phrase kanji symbols tattoo

I have used my Japanese symbols in the form of a Tattoo on my right forearm. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I will see if I can attach a few photos for you taken the day after I had the tattoo done.

I have enjoyed dealing with you and would use your service again should the opportunity present itself.


Jason Cooper


Kanji tattoo design photo


Attached is a picture of a the tattoo I got done from your translation.It 's a memorial to my best friend,my dog shadow

Thanks again
Henry Padilla


customer's Kanji tattoo design photo

Dear Takanori,

I would like to thank you for your very reasonably priced, prompt service. You have been great to do business with, very friendly, and following up on a regular basis with further suggestions about Japanese style tattoos, which in turn has led me to learn more about the Japanese culture.

I will be using your service for any further translation needs in the future. The authenticity of the translation is 100% accurate, verified by a friend of a friend in Japan.

Thanks again,



Kanji tattoo design photo

Got my tattoo,
So here is the photo

Thank you again



Kanji design

Yes, We have had our design put on together and at the same time, here is a picture of both of right after we had it donw.

thank you so much this means a lot to me and my husband.



Kanji design


yes i have recived the symbols, sorry that I didn't answer your e-mail earlier, i've been a little busy, but this is how the symbols look on me now!

please send me an e-mail to let me now what you think of it. i'm really thankful for your work!! i hope i read from you soon!



Kanji design

Hi there,sorry its took so long to get back to you.I have had my design done and i love it.

many thanks

hope the photo is ok as my five year old son took it ha!
kind regards

Tina mcdowell


Haiku book

Dear Takanori, thank you very much for the changes on the symbols.
Everything looks good.
Be sure to tell your team well done.

A cache of haiku

Ron Dawson


Kanji design picture

kanji tattoo design photo

I have attached two photos showing you translations in my tattoo.

I recently had a Chinese coworker tell me the symbols on the back of my hand had meaning that was so good for me...

I was so happy that what you gave
me wasn't just a word, but a meaning which I wanted to express.

I have the second word on the inside wrist of the same hand.

I am sorry the photos are not good
but they show the characters within my tattos.

Thank you!



bright kanji symbol tattoo design

I finally got around to taking a picture of my tattoo which you translated.

Thank you!!

Melinda Edens


Japanese symbol tattoo design




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